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Sofa Table Bookcase

There's not a lot of hardware needed for the sofa table bookcase on page 6. In fact, if you’re building the open version (without doors) then all you need are a few woodscrews, washers, and some 1/4"-dia. shelf pins.

HINGES & PULLS. But if you're building the doors, then there are some additional items you'll have to get ahold of. First I chose some small satin-nickel pulls (BWP7523) from Woodworkers Hardware (see list below).

Next, you’ll need 3/8" inset, freeswinging hinges (AO7697 3 from Woodworker's Hardware). This type of hinge will be readily available from a hardware store or home center (or the sources below), but don’t be surprised if you can’t find any with a nickel finish. I ended up buying brass hinges, and then after a light sanding with 400-grit sandpaper, I simply spray painted them silver.

The only other hardware item you'll need for the doors are magnetic catches. I used common surface-mounted catches (and strike plates).

However, you might also want to take a look at the cherry version that's shown on our web site (see the Online Extras for this project.) It features Craftsman-style pulls that are available from the sources listed below. (The hinges would also need to be painted black.)

REEDED GLASS. For the doors with glass panels, I went to a local glass shop and purchased 3/16" reeded-glass panels. (You'll want to do this after the doors have been assembled so you can give them the exact size of the rabbeted frame openings.) And whether you decide to use reeded glass or standard 1/8" glass, I'd recommend that you order safety glass.

FINISH. Since very little plywood was used on this project, the color of the wood was pretty consistent, so I didn't feel that the wood needed to be stained. Instead, I simply wiped on several coats of a tung-oil varnish.


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