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Modular File Cabinets

To build the file cabinet, you need some fairly common hardware. Most of it will be available at home centers and woodworking stores, but there are mail order sources as well.

DRAWER SLIDES. The "big ticket" item is going to be the drawer slides. I chose 22" heavy-duty, over-travel Accuride slides. ("Overtravel" means the drawer opens past the case.) I purchased mine from Rockler (89773), but you can probably special order them through a home center.

However, the "overtravel" feature is optional. Heavy-duty full-extension slides would work fine (and save you a little money). For the desk's pencil drawer, all you need is a pair of 18" full-extension slides (Rockler - 32490).

HARDWARE. The only other items you'll need (besides screws and washers) are threaded inserts and binstyle pulls. The inserts are readily available. The binstyle pulls were ordered from Van Dyke's Restorers (AJ-02012708), but similar pulls are available through other sources.

THREADED INSERT DRIVER. To install the threaded inserts that join the cases, I used a simple driver that chucks into a hand drill. Mine was purchased from Rockler (30174), but McFeely's also has a driver available.


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