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Beaded-Panel Storage Bench

The storage bench just takes a couple of common hardware items. I ordered a 48" long brass piano hinge (#19374) and a pair (left and right) of curved friction lid supports (#25619 & #25627) from Rockler, but you might find both these items available locally.

ROUTER BIT. You'll also need a special router bit to make the beaded paneling. A standard type beading bit will only cut a bead along the edge of a board. So I had to order the 3/16" point cutting round-over bit (#6431) shown in the photo above from

MLCS. BEADED BOARD. I built the storage bench from ash and couldn't find any pre-made bead board to match. But if you use another wood for the bench (oak or pine) this might not be a problem. And if you'd like to try the painted paneling option, just visit your local home improvement or lumber store to see what's available. I found both individual primed MDF "beaded boards" and sheets of 1/4" beaded paneling.


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