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Heirloom Tables

You really won't need a lot of supplies to build any of the three tables from the article starting on page 22.

HANGER BOLTS.The 5/16" x 4" hanger bolts with nuts and washers are what hold it all together. If you can't find this size of hanger bolt locally, they can be ordered in packages of ten (HB- 3140) from McFeely's. This is where I also purchased the handy hanger bolt driver (HB-3199).

TURNED LEGS. I decided against turning my own legs. It was much easier to purchase them through Rockler. The legs are very good quality and the price is reasonable. (If you want to turn your own legs, check out Woodsmith Online Extras for details.) You'll need 31/2"-dia. oak legs (65943) to build the dining table, 31/2"-dia. pine legs (65951) for the kitchen table, and I used 23/4"-dia. maple legs (65967) for the smaller sofa table.

TABLETOP FASTENERS. Each table requires a handful of tabletop fasteners (34215) available from Rockler.

KNOB. You could likely find a wood knob for the drawer locally. If you can't, give Rockler a try.


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