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Pencil Post Bed

You’ll really only need a small amount of hardware to build the pencil post bed. To attach the rails to the legs, I used standard 3/8" x 6" hex-head bolts with washers and nuts. You should be able to find these at any well-stocked hardware store or home improvement center.

If you would like to use traditional bed bolts on the project, these can be purchased from Rockler or one of the other sources listed. You’ll need to buy a bed bolt wrench as well.

To cover the counterbored holes I drilled in the legs to install the bed bolts, I purchased eight 11/2"-dia. antique brass bed bolt covers with screws (#99235) from Rockler. And finally, you’ll need eight traditional bed irons to support the box spring and mattress. They’re available from either Rockler (#38593) or Horton Brasses (#H-550). These bed irons can vary in size, so it’s best to have them in hand before you start cutting the mortises in the bed rails.


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