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Corner Media Cabinet

Almost all of the hardware you need to build the corner media cabinet can be ordered from Lee Valley. To install the doors, you’ll need two pair of 2" nickel-plated no-mortise hinges (#00H51.32) and two 232mm stainless steel bar handles (#01W83.13). To keep the doors closed, I picked up two 3/8"-dia. rare-earth magnets (#99K32.03), two 1/2" O.D. magnet cups (#99K32.52), and two 1/2" O.D. magnet washers (99K32.62). And the final items from Lee Valley are the five aluminum legs (00S81.40).

You’ll have to go to Rockler to get the nickel-plated shelf-support pins (#22773).

A glass store should be able to help you with the reeded glass (mine was 3/16" thick with the reeds on 1/2" centers). I paid a little extra and had the glass cut so that the reeded pattern was centered in my pieces.


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