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Jewelry Chest

One of the things that makes the jewelry chest an heirloom project is the use of solid brass hardware. Most of this came from Rockler. The hardware includes the hinges (#25759), knobs (#68627), bail pulls (#35402), half-mortise lock (#14861), and escutcheon (#35774). The lid chain (#00G44.01) and chain anchor (#00G45.15) came from Lee Valley. You'll also need some brass washers and brass woodscrews to attach the chain to the chest.

Below you'll find several sources of veneer for the lid. The other supplies — the mirror, fabric, batting, posterboard, foam insulation, and rod — were purchased locally.

To build the stand, you'll only need some figure-8 fasteners (#21650) and furniture glides (#24380) from Rockler.


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