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Inlay Mirror Frame

One of the things that makes the mirror on page 32 of Woodsmith No. 160 so striking is the variety of woods and the patterns used for the inlays. You’ll need to obtain these materials from a specialty supplier.

The flower marquetry medallions (#333M), tulipwood inlay strips (#397) for the frame pieces, and black inlay strips (#702) I used on the corner blocks all  came from Inlay Product World. You’ll have to place a minimum order of 10 strips for the tulipwood inlay and 20 strips of the black inlay. The information you need to order these is listed below.

You’ll also need some veneer to complete the project. Almost all veneer suppliers and woodworking stores will carry the straight-grain mahogany veneer needed for the corner blocks. The Carpathian elm burl veneer for the frame pieces came from Constantines. You can find ordering information below as well.

The last thing you’ll need is an adhesive for the veneer. For this, I used Better Bond Cold Press Veneer Adhesive that I got from Veneer Supplies listed below.


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