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Traditional Tool Chest

One thing that gives the tool chest a really authentic look is using the right hardware. Almost all of the antique-looking hardware I used for the project came from Van Dyke's Restorers.

This hardware includes the small, heavy-duty cabinet hinges (#02014884), medium black lifter handles (#02007188) for the outside of the chest, and the small lifter handles (#02007187) for the inside trays. I also used a heavy iron hasp (#02004558) and a black steel padlock (#02014191) to secure the lid. I was able to find the chain and screws needed at a local hardware store.

You can cut the dovetails used to join the chest by hand. But if you use a router you'll need an adjustable dovetail jig that can rout through dovetails.

Many jigs will work, but I used the D4 jig made by Leigh Industries. You can order it directly from them.

If you're going to build the rabbeted-case version of the tool chest from page 37, you may want to get some wrought head nails. The 1½″ nails I used can be found at either Lee Valley (#912240.03) or Rockler (#32379).


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