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Routed Bowls

With a router, templates, and the right bit, you can make a variety of bowls (page 16 of Woodsmith No. 170). I used a 1/2" shank, 1-1/4"-dia. bowl and tray bit with top bearing made by CMT. I ordered mine from Woodcraft (823066). You can also purchase this bit from Mike's Tools using the CMT part number (851.502.11B).

You'll also need a collet extension for your router. You can get this from Mike's Tools as well (CMT part number 796.001.00).

For a smooth surface on the inside of the bowls, I used the 3"-dia. Tim Skilton Premium Sanding Pad (68Z25.32) from Lee Valley. You'll also need 180 and 220-grit New Wave sanding disks (68Z63.31), also from Lee Valley. Their unique, wavy edge conforms to the inside of the bowls without gouging.


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