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High-Back Hall Bench

The hall bench on page 22 of Woodsmith No. 172 is a great-looking way to welcome visitors into your home and keep clutter under control.

While I could get the screws and washers locally, I ordered most of the other hardware items from Lee Valley: the 3" no-mortise hinges (00H51.24), the T-nuts (00N22.16), and the threaded inserts (00M90.01). The coat hooks (02005910) came from Van Dyke’s Restorers.

Finish Information: For the Rift Sawn Red Oak finish we used a Woodcote stain, 2 parts Cherry Jeld, 1 part dark Oak. Note about Woodkote Jeld Stains - Be sure to allow stain to dry at least 24 hours or an applied finish may pull the pigment back out and cause finish problems.


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