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Craftsman-Style Lamp

Building the lamp on page 22 involves more than just woodworking. The good news is, the techniques for cutting and assembling stained glass aren't difficult. On top of that, there are a couple of online retailers listed below that can supply everything you'll need to build the lamp.

For all the glass and associated supplies, you can go to Glass Crafters. The two types of glass are: Kokomo Opal Orange (K4-254D) and Spectrum Light Orange, White Wispy (S5-379.1). In addition to the glass, you'll need solid-core solder (C6040), flux (508), a roll of copper foil (4014), and black patina (530). Another supplier, Warner Stained Glass carries all the materials you need.

For the electrical parts, I turned to The list of parts is pretty long, but not too expensive: 3-wire socket (SL19053LEV), porcelain base socket (SL19123P), 35W candelabra bulb (SL03224), 11/16" brass neck (SL01117), brass coupling (SL00816), 3" brass nipple (SL04386), 4" brass nipple (SL04388), 1/8" brass nut (SL02251), 18 ga. electrical cord (SL19715), harp (SL15207), and the harp bottoms (SL20640). The shade (ESK9554) came from Another source for the shade is Euro Style Ligting, part number EUK9552.

To finish the lamp, I used Varathane Mission Oak stain. Then, I wiped on a coat of General Finishes' Seal-a-Cell and followed up with two coats of sprayed lacquer.


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