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Updates & Revisions

Here you will find important updates and revisions to the articles and plans published in Woodsmith magazine.

Woodsmith Issue 154 cover image

August 2004
Issue 154

Shop Notebook
Page 29: Template detail drawing
The measurement from the bottom edge up to the second line is printed as 6 1/8" but it should be 5 7/8".
Page 28: Template Detail drawing in left margin
The width of this piece can't be 4-5/8" if the width of the assembled jig is about 5-1/2", as shown in the main drawing (also on page 28). The width of the template should be 5-1/2" as well.
Tip and Turn Table
Page 34: Third illustration.
Two incorrect measurements. The distance from the end to the first dado printed as 5 1/4" but should be 4 3/4"; the distance from the end to the second dado printed as 6 1/8" but should be 5 5/8". (Image corrected for bound volumes.)
Page 1: Materials List (Online Extra)
In the cutting diagram, part letters H, I, J should be changed to to G, H, and I respectively to match up with the materials list. Note: The version currently available on woodsmith.com is correct.
Page 1: Materials List (Online Extra)
Column (B) should be listed as 3-1/2" wide instead of 3-7/16". Note for readers: The measurement falls out of the process for making the column on page 34. The beveling shown in the center drawing should be made so the 1-3/4" measurement is centered over the opening, i.e the centerline of the blank. This ensures a symmetrical blank and hole.