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Updates & Revisions

Here you will find important updates and revisions to the articles and plans published in Woodsmith magazine.

Woodsmith Issue 174 cover image

December 2007
Issue 174

Page 40: Folio (footer)
The folio on page 40 says "No. 173" but it should be "No 174".
Cutting Boards
Page 18: Illustrations
Clarification: The finger hole should be 1" in diameter. This measurement was omitted.
Page 19: Illustration, juice groove template
The drawing at the top of the page indicates that the template radius is 11 1/2" but this is not correct. The correct curvature is 11 1/4", as shown in detail a on the same page.
Queen Anne Lowboy
Page 24: Detail d illustration
The measurement for the lower left drawer opening is shown as 8 1/4". That measurement actually goes to the left edge of the mortise for the Part C tenon. The opening itself is 8".
Page 28: Main illustration, detail 'b'
The groove in the drawer front to receive the bottom is not shown in the drawings or the details. It should be 9/16" from the bottom edge if you account for the lip.
Shaping a Cabriole Leg
Page 40: Figure 8
The hardboard foot template should be 2-5/8" in diameter, not radius.
Treasure Box
Page 36: Detail C
The brass screws should be 1/2" long, not 1". (Neither the materials list nor the sources reference the length of the screws.)