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Updates & Revisions

Here you will find important updates and revisions to the articles and plans published in Woodsmith magazine.

Woodsmith Issue 183 cover image

June 2009
Issue 183

Folding Step Stool
Page 24: Detail C
The note in this illustration should read: All mortises and tenons are 1 3/8" wide and 3/8" thick.
Machinist's Chest
Page 38: Materials, Supplies & Cutting Diagram
Clarification: The project calls for 1/8" Maple plywood in the Materials, Supplies & Cutting Diagram on page 38. The parts that use this material are non-appearance parts. You could substitute 1/8" Baltic birch which can be found at most well-stocked hobby stores or at www.woodworkerssource.com. Or 1/8" hardboard could also be used.