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Updates & Revisions

Here you will find important updates and revisions to the articles and plans published in Woodsmith magazine.

Woodsmith Issue 200 cover image

April 2012
Issue 200

Heirloom Workbench
Page 36: Main illustration
The height of part O (Tail Vise Top Block) should be 1 3/4", not 3 3/4" as originally printed. (The dimensions are correct on the materials list and cutting diagram on page 41.)
Page 31: Text, last paragraph
The last paragraph on page 31 contains a sentence that begins "Then I drilled holes...". That sentence and the following are not quite accurate. They should read this way: "Then I drilled holes in the vise leg for the vise screws. On the front side, the vise screw hole needs to be counterbored for the knurled knob."
Page 30: Middle drawing, Drilling Bolt Holes
The drawing shows drilling a hole through the wrong mortise. The workpiece needs to be rotated 90° and drilled through the smaller mortise. Detail drawing "c" on the same page shows the right orientation.
Page 32: Main illustration
The main illustration shows 3/8"-dia. x 3"-long walnut dowels. The note in the illustration says "Drill 3/8"-dia. x 2-1/2"-deep hole for dowel pins after assembly." Since the dowel pins sit 1/16" proud of the surface, the note should instead read "Drill 3/8"-dia. x 2-15/16"-deep hole for dowel pins after assembly."
Page 34: Detail 'b'
The length of the upper notched section should be measured to the bottom of the radius, not the top.
Page 37: Figure 6
Figure 6 shows that the Guide Rail End (S) should be attached 2" from the near end of the Tail Vise Front Block (P). That is incorrect. The actual distance should be 1 3/4".
Shop Notebook
Page 27: Main illustration
The 1 1/32 dimension needs to be 1 1/16; the 25/32 number should change to 13/16.
Page 27: Detail 'a'
The 13/16 dimension should be 1.