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Updates & Revisions

Here you will find important updates and revisions to the articles and plans published in Woodsmith magazine.

Woodsmith Issue 208 cover image

August 2013
Issue 208

Page 51: Dartboard Cabinet Sources
The Upper Cove Molding used in the dartboard cabinet is not listed in Sources. The manufacturer is Ferche Millwork. The item number is F606. The Ferche Millwork web page has a link to find local dealers. Contact info: Ferche Millwork, 800-328-7867, ferche.com
Dartboard Cabinet
Page 27: Detail 'a'
The artwork in detail 'a' at the top of the page shows the incorrect dimensions for Part 'O', Upper Cove Molding. The 1-3/8" dimension should be changed to 1-1/4".
Oak Nightstand
Page 20: Main illustration
Note below main illustration should read: Sides, backs, guides, and kickers are ½" –thick hardwood. Stops are 1/8"-thick hardwood. Molding is ¾" –thick hardwood. Fronts are ¾” plywood. Bottoms are ¼" plywood.
Page 16: Main illustration
The Case Trim (C) parts are shown as 19 3/4" long (for the side trim) and 24 5/8" long (for the front trim). These should be 19 1/4" for the side trim and 23 5/8" for the front trim
Tips & Techniques
Page 5: Detail 'b'
The 2” dimension should be 1½”.
Page 4: Detail 'a'
The 1 7/8” dimension is correct, but the magnet, leader line and arrow should be moved slightly to the right to reflect this dimension accurately. They are currently 1½” from the edge of the door frame.
Page 5: Exploded View
The hinges are shown on the Back Frame Assembly with the wrong leaf attached to the stile. Also, the hinge barrel/pin should be be on the back side of the hinge.