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Updates & Revisions

Here you will find important updates and revisions to the articles and plans published in Woodsmith magazine.

Woodsmith Issue 212 cover image

April 2014
Issue 212

Page 51: Bombé Chest Sources
The router bit listed for the Bombé Chest is incorrect. The correct bit is an Amana 45475-S.
Classic Bombé Chest
Page 34: Detail 'a'
The Amana 45475-S is the correct bit for this project.
Page 34: Left Illustration
The detail in the left drawing should reflect the correct length and style of the Amana bit cutting edge, which is 1/4" long and has a double-bearing. The callout note should read: Note: Rout mortises in multiple passes.
Page 38: Detail 'b'
The callout for the rabbet in detail 'b' should be 1 1/4". The Note should read: "Back tenon on guide is shorter. Refer to Figure 4, page 39."
Page 39: Text, third paragraph
The paragraph on page 39 that starts with "While you're at the table saw, ..." should be changed to read: "While you're at the table saw, use an auxiliary fence on the miter gauge to cut rabbets on both ends of the blanks. Note that the rabbet on the back edge is shorter (Figure 4a) than the one on the front (Figure 4b). I just marked the length of each rabbet and aligned the blade on those marks to make the cuts."
Page 39: Figure 4
Two callouts in Figure 4 on page 39 should be changed. First: Cut back rabbet; Second: Turn part end-for-end and cut 1 1/4" front rabbet.
Page 40: Main Illustration
The callout in the main drawing on page 40 should read: "1 1/8" Drawer Pull"
Page 41: Supplies list
The listing in the Materials, Supplies, and Cutting Diagram box on page 41 should be changed to read: "1 1/8" Drawer Pulls." Note: The drawer pulls come with either a post and nut fitting or a machine screw fitting. The hardware used on the project has a post and nut fitting.
Shop Notebook
Page 30: Detail 'a'
In Detail 'a', the number that is 1 3/16" should be 15/16".