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Updates & Revisions

Here you will find important updates and revisions to the articles and plans published in Woodsmith magazine.

Woodsmith Issue 219 cover image

June 2015
Issue 219

Page 67: SWIVEL VISE sources
The item number for the pipe flange should read: Pipe Flange ... B003EAFEKY
Gentleman’s Dresser
Page 49: Note
The Note accompanying the cutting diagram mistakenly indicates that part M is planed down to 3/8". It should instead reference part MM, reading thus: "Parts C, I, L, and JJ are resawn from 5/4 stock and planed to 3/8" thick. Parts Q and MM are planed down to 3/8" thick. Parts H are planed to 1 1/16" thick. Parts AA are planed to 3/4" thick."
Hobby Workbench
Page 37: Cutting diagram
The second board on the cutting diagram doesn't allow for enough pieces to create the top of the bench. The cutting diagram should show that (3) 13/4" x 73/4" – 84 boards are needed. The copy above the boards should read: 13/4" x 73/4" – 84" Hard Maple (Three Boards @ 9 Bd. Ft. Each)
Page 31: Main illustration
The callout ("FIRST: Rip 1-3/4"-wide strips from 1-5/8"-thick hardwood") should instead read: "FIRST: Plane stock to 1-5/8"-thick then rip 1-3/4"-wide strips"
Multi-Function Swivel Vise
Page 24: Supplies list
The second bulleted item, which reads (1) 1 1/4" Pipe Flange, should be (1) 1" Pipe Flange.
Page 27: Main Illustration
The callout for the pipe flange should say 1" pipe flange.