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Updates & Revisions

Here you will find important updates and revisions to the articles and plans published in Woodsmith magazine.

Woodsmith Issue 238 cover image

August 2018
Issue 238

Page 67: Rotary Tool & Butcher Block sources
The information for the Stew Mac router base should be listed under the Rotary Tool sources rather than the Butcher Block sources section.
Page 10: Copy, third column
In the third column, first paragraph, we state that "when mixed with mineral spirits, (beeswax) is a food-safe finish for cutting boards." This is incorrect; it should say "mineral oil" instead of mineral spirits.
Page 11: Caption, upper right photo
In the upper right photo caption, we refer to "A favorite food-grade finish, a mixture of mineral spirits and beeswax..." This should say "mineral oil" instead of mineral spirits.