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Updates & Revisions

Here you will find important updates and revisions to the articles and plans published in Woodsmith magazine.

Woodsmith Issue 241 cover image

February 2019
Issue 241

Cherry Armoire
Page 53: Part B
Part B (Back) is listed as 3/4" ply. It should be 1/2" ply.
Page 46: Detail 'e'
In Detail 'e', the mortise is in the wrong location. Detail 'a' in Figure 2 shows the accurate location.
Page 53: Parts 'AA' and 'BB'; Also Needed
In the materials, supplies and cutting diagram parts 'AA' and 'BB' should be 1"-thick, not 3/4". In the "also needed" section the 1/4" cherry plywood should be 24" x 48".